Colors and Furniture – Role of Colors in choosing Furniture

Colors and Furniture – Role of Colors in choosing Furniture

Posted on Feb 5, 2013 in blogroll

Colors and Furniture – Role of Colors in choosing Furniture

Color plays such a vital role in daily life that it influences every decision they make – what they wear, how they decorate and even in the decision to buy furniture. People like particular colors for how it makes them feel – and getting bolder about choosing furniture in colors to decorate their environment. Colors and Furniture – Role of Colors in choosing FurnitureHome decor embraces a number of different facets – a major one of which is furniture. Not only are different styles of furniture available, but in a wide choice of colors as well. The perfect balance of different elements helps to make a home/living space a haven of beauty and peace – here are a few ideas on how to achieve that perfect balance.

• Consider walls: People usually have definite likes as far as colors are concerned and it would be a good idea to contact an interior decorator to help in pulling the look together. Bright colors and dark colored woods work well together. Light colored furniture looks better with lighter tones and finishes.

• Natural Light: If the home is surrounded by a lot of trees, it might be a good idea to go with light colors on the walls and furniture as well. Rooms with natural light are fine with darker colors – the same color scheme will make a room feel oppressive if there isn’t enough natural light.

• Lighting options: The sun doesn’t shine all day long and light patterns change with the seasons as well. If a room is likely to have quite a bit of light through the day and inadequate lighting during the latter half of the day, consider adding more lighting or getting lighter furniture.

• Decor options: Make sure that the style of decor and furniture match up – it is easy enough to pick pieces to keep the general tone of a room. Try not to mix different styles and colors.

• Dimensions of a room: Large and dark wood furniture pieces work better in a large sized room. In a small room, the same furniture may have the effect of making the room feel smaller and more cluttered. Small spaces and lighter colors in furniture do well together.

• Considering Use: The type of furniture to buy will be dictated by who will be using it. A child’s room looks nicer lighter furniture and bright colors – the master bedroom or guest bedroom would do fine with darker furniture.

• Maintenance: One thing to be aware of is that lighter furniture will require some amount of work to keep it looking clean and tidy. Darker finishes don’t show scuff marks and dirt as easily.

• Furnishings and pre-existing furniture: Make sure that the piece will blend in well with furnishings and other pieces that are already in the home.

When one chooses furniture with all of the above points in mind, it will be very easy to decorate as well – after all, it is a large amount of money to invest and one has to live with their choices for a long time.